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From idea to sample - part 2

For years I sat on the idea of having a hoodie that I could wear in the hospital. I thought about what would make it work, and after about 5 years of thinking about it - I decided I'd try to sew one on my own. Well, that was a massive failure! Despite my sewing abilities, I learned a few lessons-

1. Sewing snaps is HARD. like really hard. It isn't for the faint of heart. Even the nice strips of snaps end up getting very wonky.

2. I broke my sewing machine sewing the snaps. Did I mention snaps are hard?

3. I needed to think through where the snaps went. Where I had them in the original prototype was not functional

4. I could not just utilize a regular hoodie and cut it. Unless my future customers had the thinnest arms imaginable, they would need to be created from scratch. I didn't even know how someone create garments!

So I tabled the idea, again.

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