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Filming the promotional video

This weekend we worked with Mark Pasternack of Pasternack & Co to film a promotional video for the crowd funding we will be launching soon. Crowd funding does wildly better when you have a video to promote it with. That, however doesn't make video production any easier. It is nerve-wracking. You can prep questions and scripts and pick clothing, but you have to just hope at the end of the day that the videographer captures the magic! We had several guests in the video, and I'll be honest-I feel like I did the worst of everyone. I just hope that my passion for this amazing community of spoonies comes through.

We will be crowd funding on IFundWomen, because they provide better returns than Kickstarter, and provide more support for entrepreneurs. We cannot wait to get the video back and launch the campaign, make sure you are signed up for our emails to get the most up to date information about Hospital Hoodies.

filming for a promotional video
Filming Hospital Hoodies-the video

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